Missing Tortie (Stephanie) in Vallejo, CA


This was posted by Tracey Harper at the Solano/Napa County – Pet Detectives Facebook group. They’ve been missing for a couple of months.

Lost cat. 😦
My sweet Stephanie is missing. She is a 7yo tortoise shell, spayed but not chipped.

We live off of Taylor near Warren.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! ❤ 


2 thoughts on “Missing Tortie (Stephanie) in Vallejo, CA

  1. Im sorry to say this but my neighbor saw a deceased cat matching yours description on cedar st at idora. I have pics if u want to see if she was your Stephanie. We picked her up and buried her in our yard. The pictures r not graphic besides the kitty being deceased in th road. I hope and pray this wasnt your kitty. This was maybe 2 weeks ago.


    • Hi, it’s not my kitty. Her person is, Tracey Harper. As I mentioned in the post. She’s on Facebook. Stephanie went missing 10 months ago. It’s possible that is her cat, but, you will need to contact her to find out for certain.


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