I Apologize for Not Being Around Lately

Hi, everyone. I apologize for not being around lately. At the end of Nov I had an unexpected trip to the ER & an overnight. I’ve been dealing with something for years. I’ve had several appointments of late. Hopefully, we’re getting closer to figuring out what to do. I’m on different meds for now. We’re trying to avoid an operation. My husband has his own struggles. Not going into detail, as, we feel health is private. I just mentioned this, as, it’s the main reason I’ve been away for awhile.

I’m still continuing to volunteer at the local shelter with the kitties. It will be two years in July. Though, sometimes due to health, I need to curtail it. I still have my rescue & rehome (started Feb 2017) & lost/found (started Oct 2017) groups. A few weeks ago I took over a pet rescue page & a foster/adopt group. Even when I’m not on here, I’m involved with things pertaining to animals.

One being, collaborating on books. All of them will have animals. Either only or they include people. I’ve been writing stories since I learned how to write. I’ve always had the talent & ideas. A few times, I thought I was ready to pursue it as a career, not, just a hobby. It never took. Until a couple of years ago when I started volunteering at the shelter. That’s where my determination & inspiration came in. I published my first book three weeks ago. It will be part of a series. It’s 60 pages & is for all ages. It’s a cozy animal fantasy adventure. Please do check it out & share. Thanks.




Kitty Volunteers Needed at the Ukiah Shelter


This is the shelter I volunteer at. There are more animals needing attention & affection than people to help out, especially with the kitties. The following was posted by Shanna Phillips on the Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter page on Facebook: Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue is looking for a few feline fanatics to help with the kitties at The Ukiah Animal Shelter. The volunteer position involves hanging out with some really rad cats and gathering information for us to write up bio’s and capturing their true personalities through photographs. The reward of helping dozens of cats have the ability to be marketed in a way to assist with them finding their own fur-ever homes is repaid in peaceful purrs and endless kneading. We can’t do it with out your help! So if you are interested in making the lives of the cats at The Ukiah Animal Shelter better, please message us, send us an email at or give Shanna a call at (707)972-9359.