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Missing Tortie (Stephanie) in Vallejo, CA


This was posted by Tracey Harper at the Solano/Napa County – Pet Detectives Facebook group. They’ve been missing for a couple of months.

Lost cat. 😦
My sweet Stephanie is missing. She is a 7yo tortoise shell, spayed but not chipped.

We live off of Taylor near Warren.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! ❤ 


Missing Calico Tabby (Bob) in San Anselmo, CA


This was posted by Ashley Sophia at the Lost and Found Pets of Marin/Sonoma County/Bay Area, Ca Facebook group: Bob is missing from my parents house in San Anselmo. I just found out she isn’t micro chipped please please keep an eye out for her. She’s an indoor only cat and somehow has managed to escape we think.

Missing Bengal Kitty (Bella) in Vallejo, CA


This was posted by Soledad Gallego at the Solano/Napa County – Pet Detectives Facebook group:

$$$$$ REWARD IF FOUND $$$$$

I’m missing my cat. She’s a small Bengal cat about two years old and responds to the name Bella or Gato. She was wearing a blue collar with roses. If found please message me. She’s dearly missed by me and my family.

Sylvester (Kittie) Rescued from Deplorable Conditions


In Cornwall, Ontario there was a cat named Sylvester. On a wall next to him was a note which read, Please leave cat alone. Cat there for a reason. Thank you. He was supposed to be catching rats. He wasn’t doing so well with that. In fact, his fur was frayed, his body covered in sores, bites and fleas & he had a severe case of ear mites. 

When Rob Boisvert, an animal rescuer with Refuge RR, heard about Sylvester through a friend,  he visited the home & found the cat’s working conditions even more nightmarish. The house, which is in the heart of a neighborhood notorious for drugs & prostitution, was divided by temporary renters. He saved him & Sylvester was more than ready to go. He is now at the Country Cat Sanctuary. Where he is awaiting his forever person/family. Please go to, I Heart Cats, to read the entire article.

Rescue & Rehome in 707


I started that on Facebook. This group is for those who have saved an animal & are temporarily fostering them, until, they can find a forever family & for those whose circumstances have changed & they need to find a good place for their furbabies. The idea is to keep all of these out of the shelter, if possible. 707 incorporates the counties of Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte. Though it’s usually cats & dogs, if you have information about birds, fish, reptiles, rodents & those usually considered livestock that could also be a pet, such as, horses, donkeys, llamas, pigs, goats, etc, you’re welcome to post about them as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/rescueandrehomein707/

Missing Black Kitty (Pinky) in Tulare, CA


This was posted by Esther Ortega at the ALL LOST PETS CENTRAL CA Facebook page: In Tulare, our boy Pinky has been missing for over a month. On 1/15/17 at 8PM AS my son & I were walking Pinky back to come inside our house, Pinky jumped over the side fence. On E. Alpine Ave, Amitjian, Sonora, Aroninian I walked our neighborhood looking & calling for him. Nothing. Please call (559) 303-4449 or 686-3766 Any info is greatly appreciated.

Five Things You May Not Have Known About the Turkish Van


Though I’ve heard of them, I really didn’t know anything about them. Other than, they come from Turkey. Something else I now know is, they’re not much for cuddling. They’re very active & prefer to do their own thing. Which means, we probably wouldn’t adopt this breed, as, I love snuggle bugs. Please click on, I Heart Cats, to read the four other facts about Turkish Vans.