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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

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I was at the shelter last, Fri, 10 to noon. That being my usual day & time to volunteer. Of the kitties that are currently available for adoption, we have one four year old & another that might be that age or a little older. Neither are seniors. As for the dogs, I don’t think we have any in that age range either.

Since cats can often live longer than dogs, especially if they’re indoor only, senior often starts for them at past 10. For many dogs, that age is their upper limit. So, being a senior for them is considered what the last 25% of their life is.

We have two senior kitties. Both 11. Though, the way they run around, chase & wrestle each other, you’d never know it. Do you have or have you had an older animal companion?


National Clear the Shelter Day–Aug 19, 2017

NBC and Telemundo owned stations are teaming up with hundreds of shelters across the country to host Clear the Shelters, a nationwide pet adoption drive on Saturday, August 19 to help find loving homes for animals in need. Over 50,000 pets found their forever homes in 2016. The shelter I volunteer at will be participating in this. As seen by the graphic below. What about ones in your area? Do they have something similar in other countries. Go to, Clear the Shelters, to learn more.


Dog Days of Summer

One of those sayings people are familiar with. What does it mean & what is it’s origin? Historically this was the period following the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, which Greek & Roman mythology connected with drought, heat, sudden thunderstorms, fever, lethargy, bad luck & mad dogs. They are now taken to be the hottest, most uncomfortable part of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Last week was the second (at least here) of the summer that was 100 or more for a week. I prefer temps to be no more than 85. Above that, it starts to get uncomfortable for me. We live inland, so, it tends to get hotter from mid May to Mid Sept. Growing up, I lived in a town that was a little closer to the ocean. It was more pleasant during the summer. I, for one, don’t care for the Dog Days of Summer. How about you?



National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day–May 8

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One important thing is to stock a pet first aid kit. Which would include: an assortment of bandages, pads and rolls of gauze, tweezers (for removing splinters, debris from eyes, etc.), pet thermometer, bottled water (enough for 5-7 days). To learn of more items to add & other ways to be prepared, please click on, The Contemporary Pet

Pits R Us Spaghetti Feed in Vacaville, CA


This was posted by Trina Janae Tindall at the Solano and Napa County Animal Rescue Facebook group: Pits r us is having a spaghetti feed on May 20th and I am collecting donations from all my friends and fellow rescue people for raffles and silent auctions. They love gift cards, wine, pet baskets, spa services, anything that will bring in money for dog medical bills. Please contact me, Teanna Fecht or Amanda Ferro Hoover If u would like to help out. Tax deductible of course.


BrightHaven (Animal Sanctuary) Itself is in Need of Rescue in Sebastopol, CA

This was posted by Cindy Eriksen on behalf of KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area’s video at the Solano/Napa County – Pet Detectives Facebook group: RESCUERS NEED RESCUE: A Sonoma County animal sanctuary that has cared for thousands of aging and disabled animals could be forced to close. Please learn more about the organization by clicking on, BrightHaven They’re located in my hometown.

8 Home Remedies for Minor Dog Emergencies


If you’re like me, you prefer natural supplements & alternative methods when it comes to health care. Though, sometimes we have to go the medical route to get us where we need to be. Of course the former costs much less & doesn’t usually have side effects. 

There are plenty of home remedies for our pets as well. When one of our male cats was having a UTI, I did order from a site called, Native Remedies. It was a bottle of granules that you sprinkle & mix in their canned food. He had went to the vet for the same issue & at that time, it cost $500. The bottle was 10% of that. 

So far that’s the only thing we’ve tried that didn’t come from a vet. It did the trick & we’d use it again. We currently don’t have any dogs, but, just may try the things suggested at (click on the name), Healthy Pet, when we do. Such as for, fleas, upset stomach & skunk encounter. Has anyone here tried them? Some of these might also work on cats. It would be a good idea to do research on that first. 

Won’t be Around as Much for Awhile

Hi, everyone. For the next week, at least, I will be doing little or no posting on my blog. I have a project I need to focus on. I’d like to say it has to do with animals. It doesn’t initially, but, the potential earnings that I can receive from this should help my husband & I purchase a home (we’re currently in a studio) with a big back yard. So that we could rescue, foster & adopt. Eventually, we’d like a lot of land so I can finally realize my dream of having a rescue organization. Mainly for cats & dogs, but, also rabbits, turtles, pigs, goats, donkeys, llamas & more. I would appreciate some good thoughts regarding this. It’s really important to me/us. Thanks.

Minnie & Tiffany (Pittie Mix) in Need of Adoption or Foster in Sacramento, CA


This was posted by Jessica Hughes at the CA – Rescue, Foster & Adoption Network © Facebook group: 💔 We need some help bringing attention to these two bonded beautiful amazing friendly girls!! Need a forever home, or a rescue/foster home! Please share for Minnie and Tiffany! 🙏🐶

*Located in Sacramento Ca currently!
*Both girls are up to date on vaccines, and spayed.
*Healthy and friendly, dog/kid friendly girls!

*These two pals Minnie (white/fawn) 7yr old APBT mix, Tiffany (fawn) 9yr old APBT mix have been family to each other and spent their lives being loving loyal companions to each other and their owners who no longer want them, thru no fault of the girls. How heart breaking is that! They were also raised with a small breed chi as well. Both girls have been great with other dogs and kids, love people, but have never been around cats.

*Minnie is more high energy she loves going for walks and runs at the park, playing with her toys. She could use some more leash training. Tiffany is super mellow, enjoys walks, and is great on leash.

*Owners chi bit neighbor and they had to pay medical bills. These girls had nothing to do with it, no where around incident, done nothing wrong, but now owners say they all must go! Help!

* A rescuer has been trying desperately to find these girls a great family home together for weeks with no luck. Owners gave a month, and will take to the shelter, where because there is no space available and they are owner surrender, they have been told they will be put down. The rescuer is pleading with them to wait and give us more time to find a home for the girls. But time is of the essence, no guarantees. Minnie and Tiffany deserve a loving family to cherish them and want them. Please help us by spreading the word for these two girls to get the loving home they deserve! We would love to find them a home together, but separating them may be necessary if we can’t find a home for them together. They love each other and are such sweet girls, at this point in their life we would love for them to be able to stay together thru this. If you can help please contact:
Jessica Barreto
Email: Barretoj21@yahoo.com
Phone: 916-320-0053

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