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For My Fellow Californians Affected by the Fires

Hi, I don’t know how many of you on here are from CA & if there are any, if you’re in one of the affected areas. Those who aren’t from CA, many have friends and/or family who are or you have read about the fires. Do let me know you’re safe.

Ron (my husband) & I live about 10 miles south of Redwood Valley. That’s where one of the fires is located. Fortunately, we didn’t have to evacuate. We just saw & smelled the smoke. The air was thick with it. Some days the quality was in the dangerous zone.

For those that live around there, I’m sure you know, Coffey Park (Santa Rosa) was leveled. My aunt & uncle had lived on Espresso for 30+ years. My aunt passed a few years ago. My uncle recently moved to Monte Rio with his new wife. Which is good, because, he lost everything, but, thankfully not his life.


Hooch & Diesel (Dogs) in Need of Rehoming in Santa Rosa, CA


This was posted by Victoria Garcia-Shipley on behalf of Wine Country Animal Lovers at the Mendo-Lake Pets & Livestock 4 Sale Facebook group: Hooch & Diesel are a pair of dogs who need a new home ASAP. Their human is moving from Santa Rosa in only 5 days and he has been unable to find pet friendly housing so they will be going to the shelter next week unless they find a new home by then. Hooch (the black dog) is an 11 year old BLIND spayed female who is still quite active and she’s a big sweetheart. Her buddy Diesel is 8 years old and he is great with people but doesn’t have much experience with dogs other than Hooch (his owner will arrange to have him altered at his expense). Both dogs are very good with kids and adults and love all the human attention they can get. They have been together their entire lives and do wonderfully together. Please contact Darin if you’d like to meet either dog, 916 218 8346. (courtesy post).

Lost Chihuahua/Pug Mix in Santa Rosa, CA


This was posted by Amy Kuykendall at the Lost Pet – Found Pet – Lake County Facebook group: Santa Rosa Peeps, Help & Share, last night my daughter’s female chi/pug mix ” MINI” got out, ran off from the fireworks, she belongs to 551 McFall CT Santa Rosa, she could be anywhere between Trowbridge, 3rd-8th street. She is micro chipped, but had no collar on.She is 4 yrs old very small, with a overbite, she’s friendly but may run from you.We are desperate to find her.Contact me at 707-900-1209…Please someone share this on a Santa Rosa Post

SNAP (Special Needs are Precious) Cats


I learned of SNAP Cats from one of the updates I received from, The Shelter Pet Project. SNAP is in Santa Rosa, CA. It’s in Sonoma Co, which is the county I’m a native of. The executive director, Darryl Roberts, had been involved with both the Rohnert Park & Healdsburg shelters. Both facilities where my husband & I adopted some of our kitties. We do have a special place in our heart for those who are senior and/or challenged. Below is, in part, what SNAP is about. To learn more, please go to: http://www.snapcats.org/ Kitty in the pic is Felix. He’s going on 17 & has renal failure. However, it’s in the early stages & he has another two or three years.

Animal shelters, cat rescues and sanctuaries in Sonoma County are full. Innocent cats are being killed due to lack of space and/or funds. The first cats to be killed are special needs, elderly and feral cats, or cats who aren’t deemed “adoptable.” That’s unacceptable.

SNAP Cats is the only rescue and/or sanctuary in Sonoma County dedicated to special needs cats. SNAP Cats’ specific focus is rescuing these cats, housing them, then finding them loving homes. We believe, if given a few more days or weeks or months, an older or special needs or feral cat can find the home that they deserve.

Therefore all cats at SNAP Cats, regardless of health, age or temperament, are available for adoption or foster care. Those who cannot or are not adopted, due to age, illness or temperament, are able to live out the remainder of their natural lives in a peaceful, healthy, serene environment, free from judgment or harm.

Missing Pittie (Jake) in Santa Rosa, CA


This was posted by Bianca Belle-Bonos at the Lost and Found Pets of Marin/Sonoma County/Bay Area, Ca Facebook group: LOST Pit Bull • Jake • Santa Rosa, CA

$$REWARD$$ for safe return

Jake went missing this morning, Monday 10-24-16 from his home on South Wright Road (cross street Sebastopol Road). He is friendly, but may be shy. Jake is tan with a white chest and paw tips. He is not wearing his collar and is not microchipped. If you see him or have any information, please call Michelle at 916-467-0147.

Thank you for sharing!

Lost Calico in Santa Rosa, CA


This was posted by Jazzy Dingler at the Sonoma County Pets and Lost/Found Facebook group: Lost Cat! Last seen Oct. 6th on Stonybrook Way, Santa Rosa. Female calico (white, orange, & grey) with tipped ear. Call or text (845) 464 -2414. REWARD $ if you help bring her home.

Lost Chihuahua in Santa Rosa, CA


This was posted by Jennifer Colletto at the Lost & Found Pets……..Northern California! Facebook group: URGENT/LOST Chihuahua Mix • Buddy • Santa Rosa, Ca

$$REWARD$$ for safe return!

Buddy went missing on Tuesday October 18th in the area of IRWIN AND OCCIDENTAL ROADS. He is brand new to the area and does not know his way around yet. He is EXTREMELY FRIENDLY and will come to you (especially if you have a dog with you). With the recent move he is not wearing his collar.

Please contact KATIE 707-623-3522

Thank you for sharing!

Missing Pom in Santa Rosa, CA


This was posted by Jennifer Colletto at the Lost & Found Pets……..Northern California! Facebook group: 

Lost Pomeranian • Panda • Santa Rosa, Ca

Panda went missing Thursday 10/13/16 from Stanislaus way in the Sierra Meadows neighborhood in Santa Rosa. There’s no cross street but the entry to the neighborhood is West college Ave and Putney dr. She isn’t wearing a collar or tags and they are unsure if she’s microchipped. She’s friendly and deeply missed…help bring Panda home.

Please call with any information to Brittany @ 707-536-5685.

Thank you for sharing!

Lost German Shepherd in Santa Rosa, CA


This was posted by Jennifer Colletto at the Sonoma County Pets and Lost/Found Facebook group:

LOST German Shepherd • Balder • Santa Rosa, Ca

$$REWARD$$ for safe return

UPDATE 10-13-16: From Balder’s owners… A Good Samaritan discovered Balder running loose on Calistoga Road, after he got hold of him, a couple in a Burgundy Red Porsche Cayenne stopped and told him that they thought the dog belonged to their neighbors and that they would take him there (they were on their way to Calaveras County but said they would go back to return dog). Obviously they were mistaken as this was right outside the ranch area (Balder’s home). So, we are looking for some people who drive a Red Porsche Cayenne. This is the only clue so far. Hopefully when they realize he was not their neighbor’s dog, they will turn him over to the county shelter.

Balder ran away yesterday afternoon 10-12-16 from his families ranch on Calistoga Rd, crossroad Skinner Rd. He is 14 months old and neutered but big for his age. Super friendly and will engage with strangers without hesitation. He is chipped and wearing a choke collar and a flea collar, but unfortunately no tag, as it was sitting on another collar.

Please contact Henrik at 1-415-715-4522 with any information.

Thank you for sharing!

Urgent–Lost Terrier Mix in Santa Rosa


Posted by Jennifer Colletto at the Sonoma County Pets and Lost/Found Facebook group:

URGENT/LOST Terrier Mix • Jack • Santa Rosa, Ca

Jack suffers from Epilepsy and needs medication 2 times a day. He went missing last night Tuesday, 10/11/16, from his home in the Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club area in west Sonoma County (Oak Meadow Dr and Willowside) He is microchipped but he is not wearing his collar. He is friendly but is weary of strangers. He is black, grey and tan. His coat is medium length. He doesn’t have a tail. His family is frantic to find him.

Please call with any information to Shelly @ 707-953-1550

Thank you for sharing!