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I Apologize for Not Being Around Lately

Hi, everyone. I apologize for not being around lately. At the end of Nov I had an unexpected trip to the ER & an overnight. I’ve been dealing with something for years. I’ve had several appointments of late. Hopefully, we’re getting closer to figuring out what to do. I’m on different meds for now. We’re trying to avoid an operation. My husband has his own struggles. Not going into detail, as, we feel health is private. I just mentioned this, as, it’s the main reason I’ve been away for awhile.

I’m still continuing to volunteer at the local shelter with the kitties. It will be two years in July. Though, sometimes due to health, I need to curtail it. I still have my rescue & rehome (started Feb 2017) & lost/found (started Oct 2017) groups. A few weeks ago I took over a pet rescue page & a foster/adopt group. Even when I’m not on here, I’m involved with things pertaining to animals.

One being, collaborating on books. All of them will have animals. Either only or they include people. I’ve been writing stories since I learned how to write. I’ve always had the talent & ideas. A few times, I thought I was ready to pursue it as a career, not, just a hobby. It never took. Until a couple of years ago when I started volunteering at the shelter. That’s where my determination & inspiration came in. I published my first book three weeks ago. It will be part of a series. It’s 60 pages & is for all ages. It’s a cozy animal fantasy adventure. Please do check it out & share. Thanks. https://goo.gl/778ouE




Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocehalus Society

Lisa Jones was inspired to found Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society (SHAHS) by two special kitties she met in 2013 when a shelter volunteer contacted her. Hydrocephalus, or “water on the brain”, is a very serious and life-threatening disorder that causes spinal fluid to build up placing extreme pressure on the brain. Many kitties are euthanized due to this, because, shelters can’t handle the physical & financial demands that these cats require. 

The two kitties that Lisa met (and took in) were, Super Hero & Prince Ollie (who has since passed). Even though they had difficulties, including walking, they were so happy to be out of the cage. They were playful & affectionate. Since those two, she has helped many cats with the condition find foster & adoptive homes. To read the rest of the short article & to see more pics, please go to, I Heart Cats.

Lincoln (Pittie) Looking to be Adopted in Ukiah, CA


This was posted on the Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter Facebook page. This is the shelter I volunteer at. At this point it’s with the kitties. I’ve had cats all my life & have a connection with them. Though, I do hope to work with the dogs down the road. Also fostering/adopting them.

Lincoln is sponsored by us here at Friends and MSPR. He’s a volunteer favorite and we want him to have a home of his own. We are hoping that having his adoption fees covered will get you to the shelter to check him out.

***All dogs are on a quarantine hold until October 26th. This adoptable pet is located at the Ukiah Animal Shelter, which is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm with Wednesdays open late until 7pm. The address is 298 Plant Road Ukiah, CA. Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter is run by volunteers, animal advocates and animal lovers of Mendocino County, not the staff of the Ukiah Animal Shelter. We now are also a 501c3 nonprofit called Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue (MSPR). This pet is currently not a MSPR pet, although could be if a foster home was found. Please email us at info@mendoshelterpets.com if you would be interested in fostering for Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue. www.mendoshelterpets.com

Honor a Past Beloved Pet–Adopt Today


This was posted on the Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter Facebook page. That’s the shelter I volunteer at, with the kitties. Save a life in honor of a past beloved pet. Pets don’t live as long as humans, but maybe that’s because it gives humans the chance to keep rescuing and adopting and saving more lives. Consider adopting in honor of a passed loved one. There are many animals waiting for hope. #OptToAdopt#SaveALife There are over 100 cats at the Ukiah Animal Shelter. Save one or two today! cat adoptions are $40 for one $50 for two! 

Ukiah Animal Shelter
298 Plant Road
Ukiah CA

(707) 463-4427


Kitty Volunteers Needed at the Ukiah Shelter


This is the shelter I volunteer at. There are more animals needing attention & affection than people to help out, especially with the kitties. The following was posted by Shanna Phillips on the Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter page on Facebook: Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue is looking for a few feline fanatics to help with the kitties at The Ukiah Animal Shelter. The volunteer position involves hanging out with some really rad cats and gathering information for us to write up bio’s and capturing their true personalities through photographs. The reward of helping dozens of cats have the ability to be marketed in a way to assist with them finding their own fur-ever homes is repaid in peaceful purrs and endless kneading. We can’t do it with out your help! So if you are interested in making the lives of the cats at The Ukiah Animal Shelter better, please message us, send us an email at info@mendoshelterpets.com or give Shanna a call at (707)972-9359.

Soi Dog Foundation



Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organization in Thailand, the United States, Australia, the UK, France, Canada and Holland. Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Asia, works to end the dog meat trade throughout the region, and responds to animal welfare disasters and emergencies. We aim to set an example for the Asian region on how to humanely reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats through spaying and neutering, and to better the lives and living conditions of the stray dogs and feral cats of Asia.

Some of the pictures they show & stories they share are heartbreaking. I’ll be thankful when neglect & abuse are words that are not part of our vocabulary toward any animal or person. In the meantime, I’m thankful for those who adopt, foster, volunteer (as I do), inform, fund raise, donate & help out in any other way possible. To learn more about this wonderful organization, please go to: Soi Dog Foundation

Lost Border Collie in Talmage/Ukiah, CA

Earlier today (around 11:30) my husband & I were on Mill Creek. There was a dog running loose. Not sure of the breed. Possible mix. Looking through pics it’s similar to the border collie above. I was actually thinking it might be a collie. Just didn’t think about it being a border one. It was medium size, black & white, longer hair with collar & tags. I slowed down & then stopped since it started to go in front of the car. I think, if we had opened the door, it would have jumped in. It looked friendly, but, lost.
I found a safe spot to pull over & called animal control. Who put me through to the sheriff’s department since it was outside of the city limits. I gave them the information. I didn’t think until later about taking a picture. I’ll have to remember next time, if I come across an animal running free again. I wanted to post this, in case, someone here or someone you know is missing their dog. Probably would be taken to the shelter I volunteer at: Ukiah Shelter 298 Plant Rd Ukiah, CA (707) 463-4427

Pit Mix Available for Adoption at the Ukiah Shelter (Ukiah, CA)


Posted on the Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter (where I volunteer) page on Facebook: Elizabeth is still at the shelter and we have no idea why. Just look at that smile! She’s a small beautiful pittie mix. She’s wiggly, fun and friendly. She is beginning to shut down. We have got to get her a home. Please SHARE! This adoptable pet is located at the Ukiah Animal Shelter, which is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm with Wednesdays open late until 7pm. The address is 298 Plant Road Ukiah, CA (707) 463-4427  Mendo Shelter Pets

Kitty Scheduled to be Euthanized Thanks Rescuer



Cat Rescue Newcastle is located in New South Wales, Australia. They are a group of dedicated volunteers who rescue cats at risk of being put to sleep from local shelters. A kitten named, Henry, was scheduled to be put down. One of the volunteers, Adelle, came to pick him up & transport him. Henry seemed to know he was being given another chance. Click here to read the rest of the short article & to view the short vid: http: I Heart Cats  To learn more about the CRN, please go here: Cat Rescue Newcastle

Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter



A couple of months ago I went to the orientation for the local animal shelter here. I had been wanting to volunteer (with animals, especially) for, at least, 20 years. Health & other circumstances kept me from it. Though, I would check into it, from time to time. Including things I could do online.

Three months ago I decided, even though things still aren’t quite ideal, including with our living situation, it felt like it was the right time to volunteer. I’m glad I am. It’s been the most rewarding & uplifting experience I’ve ever had.

This is the Facebook page for the shelter: Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter  The pic is of one of the dogs, Lincoln, available for adoption. He can be seen at the Ukiah Animal Shelter, which is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm with Wednesdays open late until 7pm. The address is 298 Plant Road Ukiah, CA.

Though most of my posts will pertain to animals in NorCal, as, that’s where we live, I expect to have an international readership, sothere will be items added about animals in other states & countries. Even if you’re not from the area that the post is about, please do consider sharing. The more people it reaches, the better for these animals. Thanks.